Company Profile

Promote Edge Computing in a FPGA reinforced world

D&I Quantitative library supports:
* FX Exotics: single and double barriers, European and American vanilla options
* Equity Exotics: American vanilla and basket options both quanto and non-quanto, Range Accruals
* IR Exotics: Bermudan swaption, Callable Range Accrual swap
* CVA computation for linear rates products

D&I Technology:
is Intel FPGA Gold Partner
is Dell EMC Solutions Partner
Secured Seed research funding from Intel/Dell EMC
Partnered up with ICE for FX market data for valuation
Member of Arm Flexible Access Startups

D&I Technology Experience:

  • Linux from source code for Arm architecture
  • driver code in assembler for periphery devices
  • SystemVerilog functions to accelerate OpenCL for FPGA
  • OpenCL based acceleration of financial calculations on FPGA
  • C++ based AVX-512 acceleration of financial calculations on scalable Xeon
  • Cross-compiling applications on x86-64 for Arm Cortex-A

D&I knowledge include:

  • Arm Cortex-A and Cortex-M architectures
  • Arm Corstone-101 and Corstone-500
  • Arm Socrates
  • Intel Quartus Prime Pro
  • Intel oneAPI Framework

Company History
  1. Intel FPGA Partner Program Gold

    April 2020

    In the pricing calculation based on the FX TARN model in the D&I model library, HPCiD, with Lenovo ThinkStation P520c (32GB ECC RIMM), D&I uses Intel Arria 10 GX FPGA accelerator card, compared to using Xeon W-2123 3.6GHz 4-Core CPU, the speed is increased by 200~450 times.

  2. Member of Arm Flexible Access Startups

    July 2020

    Member of Arm Flexible Access Startups





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