Main criteria for a quality lamb/mutton

1. Sufficient green grass;
2. Cool temperature;
3. Cage free accommodation.

Advances in Normads21

Free the sheppard and their sheep

The sheep's stomach evolved for fresh green grass, which is plenty in the nomad's land. Any corn based food will result in inferior meat quality.
In hot temperature sheep perspire and the meat gets specific taste which is not appreciated by meat lovers.
The more freely sheep move around the less fat they build. This further enhances the taste of meat.
Continuously monitoring the environment will allow the buyer to choose the most suitable meat.

Bridging the buyer and sheep

The output of the cattle breeding is usually capped by the capital the sheppard has available. The sheep need shelter, and quality food.
Nomads21 platform brings the prospective buyer and the shepherd together. With the initial upfront payment by the buyer the shepherd will be able to take care of the earmarked lamb.
The funds for the accommodation will be disbursed on a regular basis taking into account the measurements read from the sensor of the lamb.
When the lamb grows the buyer needs to top up his/her account. The funds are maintained with the minimum amount. If the buyer misses the top up call, his/her contract is first offered on auction.
The best price will be used to unwind his contract. If within the given timeframe the contract auction is not successful, the lamb is sold on the open market for meat. The margin account is used to cover for the shepherd's fair value differential.

Life data collection by IoT device

Each lamb is auctioned at birth and ear market for the buyer using NomadTag, a bluetooth device with micro-controllers for temperature and movement measurements. It also allows to determine the movements of sheeps on the pasture.
Daily data of all sheep will be encrypted, hashed and uploaded into the public blockchain. This will guarantee the finality of the data.

Pre-selling model

The Nomads21 platform will allow the buyer to own a sheep for a fraction of the final price. The buyer only needs to maintain the margin, e.g. 10% of the fair price of the sheep.
The buyer can transfer his/her rights to any user of the platform for free, as a gift, or for a price. If the buyer fails to maintain the margin, the sheep will be auctioned on the platform and the gap in unwinding will be covered by the margin account.
Nomads21 uses the historical data of meat prices, demand, and other fees to determine the margin to be maintained.






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